custom sized felt sleeves

Fairphone sleeve
Fairphone sleeve

Whatever your brand of mobile phone, laptop or tablet, we can always make a fitting sleeve for you. It won't cost any more than a standard sleeve, unless you have very special wishes.

Carefully measure the gadget you need a sleeve for. We need the length, width and thickness in millimeters. If there are any odd bumps, or a surface that isn't smooth (like a rubber bumper), we'd like to know that too.

Then order a custom sleeve in a size that matches yours (more or less). With a largest dimension of 150mm that is an iPhone sleeve, with a maximum dimension between 150 and 300 mm an iPad sleeve, over 300mm a laptop sleeve. Choose the colour and options that you like, and go on to the checkout. In the remarks field you can fill in the dimensions of your gadget plus any extra wishes or questions.

A custom sized sleeve is made for you especially and therefore can not be returned.

custom sized sleeves for your mobile phone:

We have made felt sleeves for the Fairphone, Samsung Galaxy, Blackberry, Sony Xperia, Nokia Lumia, HTC Wildfire and many others.

We have made custom felt sleeves for the Samsung Galaxy Tab, de Galaxy Note, Sony Xperia, Kindle and many others.

We have made wool felt custom sleeves for HP, Samsung, Asus and Acer laptops and chromebooks, as well as for the Sony Vaio and many others.

..."Onwerkelijke service, snelheid en custom made, daar wordt ik nu vrolijk van! " "The sleeve is attractive and well-made, and fits my Fairphone perfectly! Good service and prompt delivery too. Thank you! "...

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