when is a felt sleeve of good quality?

There are many felt sleeves you can buy for your iPhone or iPad. How can you recognize real quality?

  • Check whether the sleeves are made of real sheep's wool, or with (partial) synthetic felt with plastics (usually acrylics) mixed in. Sometimes felt is completely synthetic, as opposed to our 100% wool felt. You can easily feel the difference. Synthetic felt will feel harsh and pile much quicker.
  • Where and by whom is your sleeve made, or would you rather not ask? Supernana sleeves are made in the Netherlands and Belgium. That is a bit more expensive than China or Bangladesh, but we're OK with that. And it saves a lot of transport kilometres.
  • What is the thickness of the used felt? Many crafters and small companies use 2mm or even 1mm thick felt. That makes a big difference in the raw material cost. But it also makes a big difference in shock absorbancy and the ability to hold shape. Thin felt will stretch and loosen after some use. We use the best quality available: only robust 3mm felt.
  • What is the fitting of the sleeve like? Is it "one size fits all" with the risk of your phone falling out? Can you get a slightly larger size for a phone with bumper or hard plastic case? Or for an iPad with SmartCover? Are custom sizes offered?
  • What kind of dyes are used to colour the wool? Some of our colours are undyed. They are the natural mixed brown and grey colours. These colours are made by mixing pure wool in different colours together before felting. The other cheerful colours are Oekotex 100 compliant. That means they are free of harmful substances.
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LaptopTailors sleeves comply with all the above demands. You can be certain to buy a quality product that will serve you well. And that's not only what we say, but our customers as well. And our sheep agree, too.

..."Onwerkelijke service, snelheid en custom made, daar wordt ik nu vrolijk van! " "The sleeve is attractive and well-made, and fits my Fairphone perfectly! Good service and prompt delivery too. Thank you! "...

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